Sunday, August 26, 2012

B.C. Seniors Games Burnaby 2012 Results

Mens Doubles 60-65 Competitive Doubles Winners
John Kusch, Dave Shepherd and Herb Peters
B.C. Seniors Games Results:

Sunday, August 19, 2012

B.C. Seniors Games Aug 21-25, 2012

B.C. Seniors Games Burnaby, B.C. Aug 21-24, 2012.  Pickleball will be played at Burnaby South Secondary School.  Practise time on  Pickleball courts Tuesday from 12:30 to 4:30.  You can practice and then pick up your accreditation package at The Bill Copeland Centre.

PB Parking - The Burnaby South Secondary School is on Rumble Ave, parking is behind the school off MacPherson Ave at the Michael J Fox theater.

Accreditation - at Bill Copeland Sports Centre, 3676 Kensington, Avenue Burnaby, BC V5B 4Z6
Remember - you can only pick up your own, plus 3 other players accreditation packages from 4 - 9pm Tuesday 8/21 at the Bill Copeland Centre. Please pass this info to your partners and friends playing Pickleball.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Nanaimo Pickleball Club Tournament July 27, 2012

Nanaimo annual pickleball Tournament July 27. again was a great success, and well run by Alex Gendron & John Savoy and the Nanaimo pickleball volunteers. This year they ran it as a double elimination tournament rather than the round robin of past years.
Here's the results:
Singles: Ladies ...... Nancy Stern - Gold,    Jill Carr Hilton - Silver             
Mens  ...... Ryner Wilson - Gold,    Grant Brittain - Silver,   Joe Wong-Bronze
Ladies Doubles: ... SJ Lehman & Theresa Orcutt - Gold...         Linda Strohm & Lynda Livingston - Silver
   ... Dianne Webber & Evelyn Katz - Bronze
Men's Doubles: ... Terry Glow & Kel Kruger - Gold  ... Mike Leichner & David McNeil - Silver  ... John Savoy & Alex Gendron - Bronze
Mixed Doubles: ... Theresa Orcutt & Will Orcutt - Gold ... S J Lehman & Rick Dunaway - Silver  Ron St Pieree & Lynda Livingston - Bronze 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pickleball Canada has Reached 500 Memberships

We are very pleased to announce that Pickleball Canada has reached 500 memberships !!!!! We welcome new members, membership fees is only $12 per year. You will receive our monthly newsletters, pickleball information and updates, other benefits include $5 off registration fees in the 2013 Pickleball Canada National Championship. Membership form is located at  We appreciate your support.  Join us today !!!

Pickleball Canada August Newsletter

Thursday, August 9, 2012

National Championship Social Dinner Phoenix Lounge July 7 and Pickleball Canada National Tournament Results

Tournament Results

Pickleball Canada National Open Championship - 2012-07-07
Men - Singles
Gold Silver Bronze
Open Billy Jacobsen Chris Miller Brian Lam
Women - Singles
Gold Silver Bronze
Open Jennifer Lucore Darcie Jacobsen
Men - Doubles
Gold Silver Bronze
19-55 Mike Schwarz - Pat Fosbery Doug Power - Franz Wagner Gene Latray - Ken Franz
55-59 Paul Ellis - Del Iggulden Larry Evans - Ross Priebe Stuart Mcwilliam - Phil Morgan
60-64 John Kusch - Dave Touchet Randy Bourne - Paul Banns Matt Khan - Henry Merkerley
65-69 Peter Darvill - Bud Meltsner Doug Ross - Jim Saunders Earl Hill - James Parkes
70+ John Jetelina - Wayne Kennedy Andy Mezei - Jacques Metivier Ed Burke - Jerry Rudolph
Open Billy Jacobsen - Chris Miller Reg Skinner - Denis Zhekhovskiy Doug Power - Franz Wagner
Women - Doubles
Gold Silver Bronze
19-55 Laura Schwarz - Sue Fosbery Karen Iggulden - Shelley Coss Terry Saunders - Colleen Power
55-59 Milda Postler - Shirley Edwards Glenda Jackson - Brenda Jmaeff Debbie Holley - Claire Pool
60-64 Kathy Parkes - Judy Van Aert Pat Crawford - Janis Peusepp Rosie Roper - Beryl Kusch
65-69 Diane Hill - Olga Jetelina Pat Booth - Linda Brown Mandy Witt - Gerry Logan
70+ Carol Haworth - Vera Loskot Vi Stockman - Elaine Griffiths Karen Peniuk - Patricia Thompson

Open Jennifer Lucore - Darcie Jacobsen Luba Zhekhovskaya - Elaine Lerner Theresa Orcutt - S.j. Lehman
Mixed Doubles
Gold Silver Bronze
19-55 Mike Schwarz - Laura Schwarz Brian Lam - Milda Postler Pat Fosbery - Sue Fosbery
55-59 Rosemary Nichols - Randy Bourne Dan Jmaeff - Brenda Jmaeff Nancy Stern - John Savoy
60-64 John Kusch - Elaine Lerner Jim Saunders - Terry Saunders Diane Gillis - Tim Mah
65-69 Diane Hill - Peter Oehlenschlaeger Peter Darvill - Elaine Griffiths John Jetalina - Olga Jetalina
70+ Wayne Kennedy - Vera Loskot Carol Haworth - Earl Hill Ed Orlosvky - Lilly Orlovsky
Open Luba Zhekhovskaya - Denis Zhekhovskiy Colin Caldwell - Theresa Orcutt Del Iggulden - Karen Iggulden