Sunday, December 22, 2013

2013 Year in Review Pickleball Canada

Year in  Review Pickleball Canada Organization (PCO) in 2013 
PCO Website sponsors - 3 new sponsors in 2013,  increased from 3 to 6 sponsor ads.
Sanctioned tournaments: increased from two sanctioned tournaments in 2012 to four sanctioned tournaments in 2013 (Nationals, Nanaimo, Osoyoos, Ontario).
Membership numbers: increased from 539 in 2012 to 730 in 2013.
Club Memberships: started in July, 2013, two Club Memberships added about 130 new members.
Places to Play: added about 50+ new Places to Play in Canada, number of start-up groups, indoor and outdoor courts, new players have also increased.
National Tournament: number of National Tournament participants increased from 165 in 2012 to 230 in 2013.
Tournament Points: number of players with Tournament Points increased from about 30 players in 2012 to 80 players in 2013.
Skill Rated tournaments: number of tournaments have increased, some tournaments in B.C. have started skill rated tournaments such as BC Senior Games, Vernon, Penticton.
Clubs and Groups: many more new clubs and groups are formed in B.C.(e.g. Nanaimo, Victoria and Vernon Pickleball Club, Thompson Okanagan Pickleball Enthusiasts) , Ontario and other provinces.
Ambassadorsnew Provincial Ambassador for Saskatchewan Carol Martens-Clappison, Number of Area Ambassadors have increased in all provinces.
All in all, 2013 has been a good year for PCO !!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pickleball Canada National Open Championship July 4, 5 and 6th, 2014 UPDATED REGISTRATION FORM

UPDATED Registration Form:  2014 Pickleball Canada National Open Championship will be held at Abbotsford Recreation Centre on July 4, 5 and 6.   This will be a three day event:
FRIDAY:  55+, 60+, 65+, 70+ Men's Doubles and Women's Doubles
SATURDAY:   55+, 60+, 65+, 70+ Mixed Doubles, Open Mixed Doubles and Under 55 Mixed Doubles
SUNDAY:  Open Men's and Women's Doubles and Under 55 Men's and Women's Doubles, Open Men's Singles and Women's Singles, Junior Doubles.
Pickleball Canada National Open Championship
Entries must be received no later than June 12, 2014.
Registration Form (please click to enlarge and print):

Friday, December 6, 2013

Inaugural pickleball tournament in Osoyoos Nov 30 - Dec 1, 2013

 Inaugural pickleball tournament in Osoyoos gets rave reviews from many visiting players on Nov 30 - Dec 1, 2013  published by Osoyoos Times, Dec 4, 2014 
Glenn Cho was an avid squash player for almost a decade before giving pickleball a try this past summer.  At age 58, his squash playing days are officially over after becoming addicted to pickleball, said Cho, who along with his wife Louisa Lee-Kwon, made the long trip from Vancouver to Osoyoos to compete in the inaugural Thompson Okanagan Pickleball Enthusiasts (TOPE) Pickleball Tournament this past weekend at the Sonora Community Centre.
Close to 50 players from across the Okanagan Valley and beyond competed in the tournament on Saturday and Sunday.   Read more:


2013 PICKLEBALL CANADA TOURNAMENT POINTS  (Sanctioned tournaments: Nationals, Nanaimo, Osoyoos, Ontario) Congratulations to these players for their acheivements in 2013.
Tier 1  Gold 1600 points  Silver  800 points   Bronze 400 points
Tier 2 - Gold 1000 points, Silver 500 points,  Bronze 300 points
Tier 3  Gold 700 points  Silver  400 points   Bronze 200 points
Tier 4  Gold 400 points  Silver  200 points   Bronze 100 points

Points     Winners Name

3200       John Kusch, Elaine Lerner, Jennifer Lucore
2400       Nancy Stern
2000       Brian Lam, Henry Meerkerk, Kathy Parkes, George Pool, Claire Pool, Russ French
1700       Theresa Orcutt
1600       Denis Zhekhovskiy, Terry Saunders, Brenda Jmaeff, Dan Jmaeff, Debby Holley, Diane Hill, John Savoy, David Ulis, Maurice Parobec, Roberta Meakin, 
1500       Merrie Lee
1300       Pierrette Hebner
1200       Luba Zhekhovskaya, Brian Parkes, Peter Darvill
1000        Barry Bissonette, Caroline Bissonette, Lorne Strumecki, Grant Brittain, James Alberga, Bud Hebner
800          Dave Hall, Matt Khan, Jim Saunders, Shirley Knorr, Wendy Porteous, Susan Nigh, Inge Scholz, Trudy Pitcher, Vera Loskot, Diane Gillis, Dee Pitcher, Evelyn Kaatz, Bill Dumper, Tom Staites
600          Helen Hall
500         Ron Pitcher, Glenda Jackson, Roy Wilson, Peter Neumann
400         Beryl Kusch, Pat Khan, Sue Fosbery, Pat Fosbery,Gene Latray, Shirley Edwards,Karen Peniuk, Colin Caldwell, Ken Franz,Feige Li, Karen Peniuk, Pat Thompson, Mary Wu, Henry Paynter,Glenn Cho, Magdalene Choy                  
300         Will Orcutt, Margie McWilliam, Barbara Moody, Mary Allard, Carol Doughty, Gordon Young, 
200        Karen Heinsrichs, Dorothy Telford, Yasan Athukorala, Brianne Hearle, Erick Hearle
100        Carol Chiswell, Fion Chou, Uli Atzler, Kim Nun Kopp

Monday, December 2, 2013

Pickleball was all the rage Saturday at the Langley Events Centre

Hudson Lebold kept his eye on the whiffle ball during the Try It! Fair Saturday at the Langley Events Centre. Eight-year-old Hudson was trying pickleball which will be one of the sports included in the BC Seniors Games hosted by Langley Sept. 9-13, 2014. Photograph by: Troy Landreville - See more at:

Pickleball was all the rage Saturday at the Langley Events Centre. Racquets in hand, kids and adults tried the unique sport, a hybrid between tennis, ping pong, and badminton.
They bounced a whiffle ball back and forth over a lowered net during the Township of Langley-hosted Try It! Fair held inside the LEC’s Building B.  The free annual event is part of Sports Day in Canada and is put on in partnership with the LEC, Pacific Sport, and the City of Langley. The day offered a dozen different sports and activities.
Just some of the stations included ball hockey through the Valley Ball Hockey Association, gymnastics hosted by the Langley Gymnastics Foundation, and martial arts demonstrations from Shorei-Kai Canada Karate and Woo Kim Tae Kwon Do.
Fair organizer and Township of Langley Recreation Coordinator Stephanie Eby said the event recognizes the importance of sport and being active for life.  “We wanted people to try the different sports that are out there,” she added. “We tried to pick some local sports organizations that you might not have heard of before.”
Basketball and pickleball were two of the more popular activities, Eby said, noting that pickleball will be included in the next BC Seniors Games hosted by Langley Sept. 9-13, 2014.
“It’s something we wanted to highlight at this event,” Eby said, regarding pickleball. “We definitely want people to find a way to be active for life. We know that a certain sport isn’t for everybody so that’s why we’re showcasing as many as we can, so they can find their way to get active.”